12 Hours in Miami, Florida

The month of the Balkans ended on a high note, a wedding and a lot of drinking. We spent a little too much money but we kind of expected that from ourselves.

The next destination was Bogota, Colombia, but prior to that a sweet 12-hour layover in Miami.

After some intense and nerve-wracking paperwork necessary for the United States of America, we were good to go.

It’s ok USA, I only wanted to be in your country for 12 hours, not stay and form a family of five while stealing jobs. Tranquillo!

Miami Airport Is Close To Everything

We just spent five days in cold Canada (although, for Canada, it wasn’t that cold) and were so over it. Flying over Miami we acted like we didn’t just come from Croatia where we spent a month in the 20-degree sweet spot. I guess the five days of cold erased all our memory of the sweet warmth.

When I got out of that plane and that southern sun touched my skin, I couldn’t help but congratulate myself on the decision to live life with short sleeves.

The massive backpacks we packed for our trip through the world weighed us down just a little.

Now what?

Today I’m wearing 4 sleeves, a dress, pants and hiking shoes= more space in the backpack if half of the stuff is on you. 😀

Store the backpacks and head out, of course. Miami airport baggage storage closes at 9 pm (heads up) and we had a good 12 hours to explore.
Shuttle bus goes from the airport to the beach and it will cost you 3 USD, Uber will go up to 60 and cabs I don’t even wanna think about.

We got there in 20 minutes, that’s how close the airport is, and headed straight to the beach. Apparently, it was winter time.

It was 22 degrees Celsius (71 F), and the locals wore long sleeves. I mean, I know it’s cold in Canada, but Croatia has pretty good weather and 22 degrees is still short sleeve weather.

We, obviously not from there, still put our summer clothes on because it’s one thing to fit in but it’s another to die of heat exhaustion.

Spanish Is Everywhere

I always knew Spanish was a wide-spread language in Miami but holy shi*is it ever. I see it as a first language rather than the second because everyone spoke it.
That was awesome practice for Colombia so I was cool with it.
We strolled through South Beach. The little booze huts were either closed or so pricey even our its-not-alcoholism didn’t allow us to pay 60USD for a pitcher of Sangria.

F***ing gulls are biting like crazy Bubs

Art Deco

A short walk from South Beach will get you Miami’s historic Art Deco.

It’s a fun walk especially if you’re into architecture because you can see the 1930s in every corner.

I pictured gangsters with their cigars, hats and suits strolling around but the sight of matte black Lamborghini brought me back to present.

Like peasants that we are Jay and I circled around this Lambo because the sexy matte black attracted us. If I could, I would have everything in matte black.
Matte black hair, clothes and matte black house on the beach. It would get a little overheated but we all have to suffer for beauty in this life.

I’ll take one of each, please.

I bought overpriced postcards there but how overpriced can they get? It was 5 for 3 USD so not that much, although just up the street I found 5 for 1USD so you can see the general Art Deco mark up.
But I can say now I have an original Art Deco postcard, so that’s something right?

Art Deco was developed in the 1930s, the years of the Great Depression for rest of USA. Miami was hit by it as well but managed to stay afloat due to investors and a little bit of shady business.
The same decade brought the city flag to life, so now you know!

The OG postcard.

Christmas Tree x Menorah

A couple of minutes north is the Lincoln Road and its namesake mall. Lincoln Road is full of restaurants and shops but at this time of year, it had a massive Christmas tree. There was also a Menorah. Turns out we were just in time for the party.
From the Jewish side this time.
Jay and I would join any party so we joined this one too. The guy playing on stage had a lit repertoire and the ladies in the crowd were loving it.
We got a little history lesson from one of the old ladies and met some nice people.

All of the lights made me finally look dark. I’m to the left, btw.

Goodbye North America

With the lighting of the Menorah, our little layover came to an end. This was a goodbye to the North American continent for a while now so our layover in Miami was a perfect end to the English speaking world.

We got back to the airport and checked in for our flights to Bogota.

It was the first time in South America for both of us and we had no idea what to expect.

Now calling all passenger for flight A342 Miami to Bogota to gate c32.